Another demise: Regina Resnik R.I.P.

What a time we’re having lately! Now to be added to the list of musical deaths is the operatic soprano Regina Resnik.

This obituary in the New York Times begins like this:

Regina Resnik, a Bronx-born opera star who sang more than 300 performances at the Metropolitan Opera and who made the shift from soprano to mezzo-soprano in the middle of her career, died on Thursday in Manhattan. She was 90.

The obituary is well worth a read.

Well done, Thomas!

Thomas Hampson appeared on the BBC TV programme ‘HARDtalk’ on 29th July. I wonder if he knew what he’d let himself into? The interviewer,┬áSarah Montague, is in the Jeremy Paxman mould, by which I mean she adopts an aggressive, confrontational attitude from the very outset, bandying about opinionated and emotive phrases about opera and its supposed elitism and so on. She also uses the old reliable technique of this type of interviewer by asking a question and then not allowing here interviewee a chance to answer it before she interrupts and talks over him.

But Thomas counters very effectively. Watch the video. See what you think.

Top Gays

Limelight is an Australian music magazine. I subscribe to their email feed and got the latest this morning. This item caught my eye: The 10 Greatest Gay Composers: Mardi Gras Special! and I just had to share.

It makes fun reading if nothing else, though some of the names raised my eyebrows. I like the way each entry is laid out the same way, with paragraphs for each under the headings Musical Muscle, The Goss, Out and Proud? and Phwoar Factor.

Check it out, guys.