Roberto Alagna says he’ll sue La Scala

Guardian Unlimited Music
The tenor Roberto Alagna, who walked out of La Scala in mid-opera after being booed, claimed yesterday he had been under physical risk from the audience. “What if they had thrown stones at me, or some crazy person had attacked me?”, he told Reuters. “La Scala should have protected me. The show should have been suspended. Instead they carried on as if nothing had happened. After all, John Lennon ended up being killed.”

What a poor, sad person Mr Alagna is! From what I’ve read it seems to me that La Scala were dead right to refuse to take him back. After all, surely a few boos and whistles are part and parcel of an operatic tenor’s performance expectations. I’m sure his reputation would be in much better shape now if he’d struggled on and done his best to win over the audience. Storming off like he did merely gives the impression that he was as aware as the audience that he wasn’t performing well.

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