We’re going to Budapest

I can’t understand why I’m so late posting this news, since I’m generally so on the ball about things like this. Anyway …

There was quite a gang at Ron’s for his annual Advent get-together, so we grabbed the proverbial bull by the horns and took a show of hands about next year’s destination for the Group trip away. Good old Dermot did preliminary research what now seems like ages ago, and I tried without much success to gather information about St Petersburg. When push came to shove, the hands-down winner (joke, get it?) was Budapest. So that’s it then. Next year’s Group trip will be to Budapest. Last year’s May Weekend timing worked out well, so the plan is to repeat that. Dermot’s list showed Tannhäuser, Faust and The Marriage of Figaro as being on offer. Performance dates for these are: Faust, Saturday 5th May (Erkel Theatre); Figaro, Sunday 6th May (morning performance); Tannhäuser, Thursday 10th May (both in the State Opera).

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