Harmony at last between the awful orchestras

A deal to end an unfortunate spat between some of Britain’s worst musicians has been brokered by The Daily Telegraph. Following a period of arbitration, it has been agreed there is room for only one Really Terrible Orchestra. The RTO, which chooses music to suit the notes that its members can play, was formed in 1995 and has been alarming audiences ever since.

I’m a bit of a fan of Alexander McCall Smith, and have read several of his books, including his entire series set in Botswana about the activities of a detective agency run from a tiny hut. But I was previously unaware of his involvement with this enterprise. The article in The Telgraph says: He was … perturbed to learn that a group of almost talent-free classical musicians from Cornwall were planning to set up their own RTO. In response, he is reported as saying: ‘People elsewhere can’t just go around thinking that they can be as bad as we are. There is an issue of trade description here, and I am concerned that these people are probably quite good.’ The compromise which has happily resolved the issue will see the rival group re-named as the Seriously Awful Symphonia.

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