A mountain of music

Oslo Opera interior

Guardian Art & Architecture
The sloping marble roof of the Oslo opera house may be perfect for snowboarding. But, for Jonathan Glancey, the warm heart of this stunning building is just as thrilling. The Guardian. Monday April 21, 2008.

Follow the link for a fascinating description of the building and its relationship with the city. I note, incidentally, that ‘it was completed five months ahead of time and on budget’. If only that could happen here!

One thought on “A mountain of music”

  1. When I posted this entry in April 2008 I only had a wild dream that some day I’d get to see the Oslo Opera House in reality. Now, I’m lucky enough to have actually done that.

    On the very first night of our holiday in June 2011, Carl and I spent some time wandering around the building’s wonderful roof, basking in the mild summer air and soaking up the White Nights atmosphere: it really is something to be out and about at midnight when the light is like it would be at dusk at home. And then, on our way back to the bus station, I spotted a poster announcing a performance of Peter Grimes the next night. I phoned the next morning and got a ticket.

    It was a fine performance, especially by the tenor lead and the really magnificent chorus, but I have to say that the building itself was the star of the show. It really is remarkable, and more than lives up to everything I’d read about it beforehand. If ever any of you happen to be in Oslo, do try to get there. Even walking around the roof will do your heart good.

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