Chopin weekend on the BBC

There I was, minding my own business, browsing the various music and record-company I visit all too frequently, wondering if there are still any gaps which need to be filled in my downloads collection, when I came across this on the Chandos weblog:

BBC Radio 3 is to broadcast every note written by Frederic Chopin during a weekend dedicated to the Polish composer, who died in 1849 aged 39.

The Chopin Experience, which runs on 17-18 May, follows similiar tributes by the station to Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and Tchaikovsky. The weekend will explore how Chopin revolutionised piano music, as well as his troubled personal life. The weekend will also include the most famous recordings of Chopin’s work.

His set of 24 Etudes will be aired in unbroken sequence featuring 24 different pianists.

Hmmmmmm. I’ve made a note in my diary anyway. The Beethoven weekend, which started all these musical marathons, was really good, and went on to provide a tremendous spin-off in terms of free downloads of the complete symphonies in excellent performances from the BBC Philharmonic and Jean Andrea Noseda and readings by John Hurt from Beethoven’s letters (which were used as interludes throughout the weekend). With the sad emasculation of the BBC which followed in the wake of the notorious Dr David Kelly affair and the numerous ridiculous decisions taken by the BBC Trust which replaced the Board of Governors, I fear nothing similar will be made available as a spin-off from the Chopin weekend … but still, it might be worth dipping into from time to time.

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