Refinement to web site

I’m repeating here what I’ve already notified by email, just so there’s somewhere permanent where the info can be accessed.

I’ve added a refinement to the Presentations section of the Music Group web site. What this does is isolate our Concert programmes from the normal presentations, so that they can be viewed separately.

To see this in action,

1. Open the web site at
2. Select the ‘Presentations’ item
3. Select ‘Presenter’ from the ‘View by’ options on the right-hand side
4. Click on the dropdown menu (where it says ‘Most recent’)
5. Select the newly-added item ‘Concerts’ from the menu list

6. Sit back in amazement as the screen displays only the Concert programmes (most recent first).

Okay, it isn’t ideal, since it probably isn’t immediately obvious that you need to look under Presentations > View by Presenter in order to find Concert details, but this approach was the easiest to implement, and I’m afraid I settled for the easy option.

I still don’t much care for the narrowness of the Comment column which details who chose what, but improving that is another day’s work. For now, having this information conveniently at hand will hopefully prove to be a helpful reference for future Concert impresarios.

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