It’s Poll Time!

Six members have submitted shortlists of preferred destinations for next year’s trip away. Now it’s time to see if we can reach a decision about where we actually go. Basically, the choice comes down to four cities, which, in alphabetical order, are: Frankfurt, Hamburg, Milan and New York.

Things are complicated somewhat by the fact that, when shortlisting a city, some people have specified a timing preference while others have left this open. To cover all the options in the poll which I’ve put together, therefore, I’ve included a ‘general’ option for each city as well as the time-specific options which have been shortlisted. So the idea when it comes to voting is to select the general option for your preferred city if you’re happy with going there at either Easter or over the May holiday weekend. Select a time-specific option if you have a strong preference for a listed timing.

Full information about what’s on offer musically in each city is set out in Bernard’s wonderfully detailed document which he circulated back in June.

I’m not sure how all this is going to pan out. The poll is set up to allow one choice only per person voting, so who knows what effect the multiple options for each city will have on the result. Let’s just see what happens for now. Hopefully we’ll get some indication of a trend. We can continue to a second poll with less choices if it looks as if this will help.

So it’s over to you guys now. Get voting! The poll is set to expire at 8.00 pm on Friday 29th August.

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