Beaux Arts Trio call it quits

I don’t know — these young people have no staying power! After only 53 years, and only aged 84, Menahem Pressler, pianist with the Beaux Arts Trio, announced last year that he was disbanding the Trio, and they’ve been busily performing farewell concerts around the world. An especially significant event occurred on Thursday 21st August, when the Trio gave their final US performance at the venue where it all began back on 13th July 1955: Tanglewood.

The programme consisted of Schubert’s two Piano Trios, and the occasion was preserved for posterity by NPR (National Public Radio) Music. This web page has the story, and also includes audio links, not only to that concert but also to several other performances by the Trio. It sounds like a wonderfully memorable occasion, and the coverage (both in terms of the concert broadcast and the support material on the web page) shows what music radio can be like when it’s done well.

One thing to stress is that this concert at Tanglewood was the Trio’s final US concert. After this there’s a European tour on their schedule which includes a stop at the Edinburgh Festival. The very final performance by the Beaux Arts Trio will be in Lucerne on 6th September.

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