DVD Screening of ‘Tristan und Isolde’

There are two operas left in the occasional series of complete screenings on DVD of Wagner’s ‘big six’ operas other than The Ring. Those remaining are Tristan und Isolde and Parsifal. Jim is offering to host a screening of Tristan in February, in or around the 21st in place of his usual monthly hosting.

The thing is … when exactly is the best time for this to happen? The last few screenings have been on Saturdays, in place of the usual music session, but it’s been suggested that this is perhaps not such a good idea. The problem is Wagner, though, and the fact that his operas tend to go on for rather a long time. Length is certainly a consideration in the case of Tristan und Isolde, and having the screening on Saturday afternoon means that it wouldn’t be too desperately late when the opera finishes, even allowing for a break for refreshments between Acts I and II and a more extended break between Acts II and III for a more substantial, sit-down meal. Indeed, staying on for a bit of craic afterwards would be well within the realms of possibility, especially with Sunday following as a recovery day.

Still, not everyone in the Music Group is an avid Wagner fan, and perhaps it isn’t fair to cancel the usual session just for the sake of a few members. So, I’ve put together a poll and I’m asking you guys to decide when you’d prefer this whole thing to happen. Some things to bear in mind when making your choice:

  • Starting time needs to be later on the Friday and earlier on the Sunday to facilitate gainfully-employed members with working hours to take into account.
  • Allowing for one short and one longer interval between acts, the complete screening will take approximately five and three-quarter hours.
  • Whatever the outcome of the poll, further information (production, cast etc.) will be made available closer to the time.

Closing date for the poll is 8.00 pm on Friday 5th December, but don’t be shy — get your votes in and let’s see if we can reach a clear-cut decision before that.

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