Poll: Verdi operas

We have just one of the ‘big six’ Wagner operas left to watch in our DVD series (Parsifal remains). These six followed screenings of the four operas of the Ring cycle, so we’ve certainly done Dicky proud.

Getting together for these opera nights has proved to be a highly successful idea. Now, it’s time to move on to other composers. I guess the two most obvious to follow Wagner with are Verdi and Mozart, so shall we think about moving on to Giuseppe Verdi for our next batch? Deciding which operas to watch was very easy when it came to Wagner, since the candidates for the ‘big six’ list were obvious, but it isn’t quite as easy with Verdi. That’s why this poll is here. I’ve listed (in chronological order of composition) all but the most obscure and least seldom performed of his operatic output, and I’m suggesting that anybody interested in the idea of a series of Verdi Nights should choose six operas from the poll list. The poll is set to close at 8.00 pm on Friday 15th May, at which point we’ll see which ones come out on top. Perhaps the process will produce a consensus of which operas we watch.

Over to you guys!

Later note: Following feedback from Bernard, I’ve changed the display style for the poll. I’ve contacted polldaddy.com, who provide the technology behind these polls, pointing out that it’s impossible to read white lettering against a white background. I’ll remember in future not to use the style I originally chose for this one.

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  1. So, voting has closed, and we are still without a clear-cut list of six operas to watch.

    I’ve distributed an email suggesting two alternatives as to how we proceed.

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