‘Let’s keep this short and suite’

Thanks to Bernard for finding this article in The Times. It’s an interesting idea. The article is quite short, and worth a read. Follow the link below. I’ve quoted the opening paragraph.

Bite-sized concerts at the Edinburgh Festival
Overture, concerto, symphony. How did we get stuck in this three-tune rut? Like meat and two veg, it’s a classic menu that’s tried, tested, and trusted everywhere Western classical music is played. But much like our gastronomic tastes, musical appetite has also evolved. Go back 150 years and the four-hour concert was the norm. A further 50 and you’d be thrilling to the latest Beethoven in the comfort of your front room — with 70 of your friends, of course. There’s plenty of precedent, so why is the perfect recipe so elusive? In Edinburgh the outgoing International Festival director, Brian McMaster, has been musing on exactly this point. After years of experimenting with format and much audience analysis, McMaster has come up with his most audacious solution yet: the Lloyds TSB Scotland Concert Series, three concerts a night running for nine nights at the Usher Hall during the three-week Festival. At £10 a pop, it’s the price of a ticket to your average Fringe show — without the risk.

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