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Bayreuth Ring

[W]ith three Ring operas down and one to go, there is time to address a burning question at the Bayreuth Festival. If one manages to get a coveted ticket to this most exclusive of festivals, what does one wear?

The formal dress code that was observed for decades has been loosening considerably of late, which is probably inevitable. Still, a clear majority of people continue to arrive in formal wear. And the men mostly favor black tuxedos, not the optional summer white jackets [ … ] Enterprising younger couples dress fancily while taking liberties in deference to the weather. At Die Walküre on Thursday, a steamy hot day here, there was a beautiful young couple, Bayreuth fashion pace-setters, she in a simple short aqua dress, he in an open-collared silk white shirt and white pants. One older gentleman wore kilts! Now that was clever. But believe it or not, you can show up in chinos and a T-shirt, and the cheerful, mostly young ushers will still show you right in.

That’s part of a fascinating journal which New York Times music critic Anthony Tommasini is publishing from the Bayreuth Festival. The excerpt is from his entry for day 4 of his experiences. The whole thing is well written, and offers an interesting insight into the Bayreuth phenomenon. Of course, this is all the more interesting this year as far as our Group is concerned, since Ron will be flying our flag in Bayreuth later this month.

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  1. My friend Roger from Stockholm (who some of you met recently!) is going too. He’s been there a few times actually. He gets his tickets through some Wagner group he’s involved in in Stockholm (actually I think he’s the main organiser really…there’s a gang of them going!). Oh for the enterprising spirit!!

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