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ArkivMusic.com has long been one of the most respected online resource for CD purchase, but it’s US-based. Now, a European sister-site has been launched and is well worth a look. I’ve registered (yes, registration is required in order to make purchases) and have placed my first order. To give an idea of just how extensive their stock is, the following is the text of the thank-you-for-registering email I received:

Thank you for your registration and welcome to ArkivMusic.eu.

It’s our ambition to be able to provide every classical music issue on CD, SACD and DVD. We have 60,000 titles in stock and by the end of 2011 we will be able to deliver 120,000 unique titles to every classical music lover in all 51 European countries.

Together with our American sister organisation, ArkivMusic.com, we have developed a unique search system, which means it is very simple to find every title easily and quickly. Every week we have a number of interesting and attractive offers for you, each tailored to the part of Europe where you place your order.

We ensure that your order is dispatched within 5 days and delivered quickly at competitive prices.

I hope to be able to welcome you as an enthusiastic customer and I would like to thank you for your interest and dedication to classical music. We are convinced that as a classical music lover you will really enjoy our online shop!

Musical greetings,
On behalf of ArkivMusic.eu

Theodoor Lap

Apart from that, a couple of other things worth noting are: (a) they have several items on sale right now, along with a promotion of CDs for under €10, and (b) shipping/packaging charges are very fair and reasonable (in the case of my first order, €2.95 in addition to a CD cost of €25.23 — that odd 23c bit is due to the fact that there is currently 25% off the entire Naxos catalogue).

Actually, shipping charges are remarkably low. In an FAQ, they are stated as follows:

  • Up to 6 products (per order): €2.95
  • 7 products or more (per order): €6.95
  • For shipping purposes, multi-disc sets (even very large boxed sets) count as one item (!)

I’ve added ArkivMusic.eu to the CD Sales list on our weblog’s home page, or you can find your way directly using this link.

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