Visconti’s ‘Ludwig’ – a quick review!

When I looked at the slipcase for this DVD I couldn’t believe the length (approx. 6 hrs!). However, it was such an easy film to watch (I really didn’t notice the length at all!). The Italian sounded so wonderful & it was so…so of another (film making) time. I would have liked it if there had been more shooting in Munich. But then he (Ludwig) disliked the city & spent most of his time in his ‘castles’. I visited the two that were mainly featured…Linderhoff and Neuschwanstein. The latter is a m a z i n g ! The interior decor is a complete homage to scenes from Tristan and The Ring. I don’t think Wagner came across very well in the film. Just the opportunist he probably was…all for the sake of his art!!

I thought the guy who played Ludwig was very good. Tony K. proffered the following info. about him: apparently he had no previous acting experience and was working as a waiter or something where Visconti was film-shooting. Apparently Visconti picked him up (in more than the usual way) and got him for ‘Ludwig’. Pretty amazing really. The goodlooking girl that played Empress Elizabeth was very good too I thought.

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  1. Thanks for contributing to the weblog Trev. Hopefully your initiative will open the floodgates for more posts from people other than boring old me all the time 😉

    If ‘Ludwig’ is 6 hours long, I presume that means it’s a double-DVD set? How much? Where did you get it?

  2. It is a 2 DVD set alright but for some reason the whole film is on the first dvd with 3 documentaries about Visconti & Italian cinema on the second. I got it from for about 15 or 16 sterling incl.postage. It’s only recently released in this format ‘on these islands’. I’m sure HMV on Grafton St could order it for anyone wanting it.

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