Steve Reich: WTC 9/11

Who can forget Galen’s choice of music by Steve Reich as his first presentation to the Group? Well, the grand old man of Minimalism (Steve Reich, I mean, not Galen) has produced a new work inspired by the events of 9th September 2001. Its title is WTC 9/11, and it’s scheduled for release on the Nonesuch label on 20th September. The new work is joined on the disc by performances of two other Reich compositions: Mallet Quartet (2009) and Dance Patterns (2002).

Further information about the new work is available at the Nonesuch link above, and the CD can be ordered there as well. In the mean time, the wonderful NPR (eat your heart out Lyric, Classic FM and even BBC Radio 3) provides an opportunity to hear the whole thing as part of their First Listen series. A digital EP is available immediately which consists of WTC 9/11 on its own (downloadable from iTunes or from Qobuz).

I wouldn’t count myself as an especially dedicated fan of minimalism, but I have to say that WTC 9/11 is well worth a listen (especially the final movement). Follow that NPR link and see what you think. The piece is a little over 15 minutes in duration.

In case you don’t catch the link on the NPR page, they also offer an opportunity to hear Steve Reich speak about WTC 9/11.

Incidentally, the photo shows the composer with the members of the Kronos Quartet, who perform all three quartet parts on the new recording.

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