Kalliwoda, a composer worth hearing

Tom got Saturday’s session off to a great start with the first movement of the 5th Symphony by Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda, a composer none of us had heard of before. His dates are 1801-1866, his music sounds like a cross between Beethoven and Schumann, but what we heard also suggested the discovery of a fascinating, unique musical voice who sounds well worth getting to know. You’d hardly believe that the CPO recording Tom played would be anything other than a once-off, but now it turns out that there’s more Kalliwoda out there. The following is the opening of a review at Classics Today.com of a CD of his 3rd Symphony and other orchestral pieces, which sure sounds like it’s worth a listen too.

Leave it to the classical music biz to issue three discs of Kalliwoda orchestral music at exactly the same time! Between Orfeo, CPO, and this newcomer, we now have four of his seven symphonies available in excellent performances (a previous release of Symphonies Nos. 5 and 6 on Centaur isn’t at the same level as these).

Classics Today reviews another Kalliwoda recording

PS: Classics Today reviews the CPO CD here, and their review of the Orfeo recording (Symphonies 5 & 6) is here.

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