Back again!

I couldn’t believe it three weeks ago when I opened our weblog and saw that we’d been hacked by some sniveling ne’er-do-wells in Saudi Arabia. Like I said in the email I circulated at the time, I cannot understand the mentality of people who do this sort of thing. I put them in the same boat as the useless little gurriers who deface buildings with their graffiti and their tagging nonsense. A good dose of the birch or the cat-o’-nine-tails — that’d do them good, I reckon (but then again I’m probably not supposed to advocate that sort of thing in these nanny-state times).

Anyway, enough of the Grumpy Old Man rant. I’ve now managed to sort out the problem, and our Weblog is back up and running, fit and hale and hearty again. Those of you familiar with how things were before the ****ing hackers got their filthy little paws on it will immediately notice that things look very different. This is because, as part of the recovery process, I upgraded the WordPress software which does all the magic to the latest version, and the theme we used to have is no longer supported by the latest WordPress. Anyway, perhaps the new look can be seen as a new beginning — and let’s hope the ****ing hackers leave us alone this time.

One final word of warning: the new version of WordPress is like a new toy that I’ve been given to play with, so it’s more than likely that I’ll be tweaking the Weblog from time to time, refining the look and adding changes and improvements. Indeed, there’s every likelihood that the basic look will change again — but I promise I’ll warn you when and if it does.

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