Marek Janowski on Regietheater (and his Wagner project)

Long ago, I pinned my colours to Marek Janowski’s mast, and I stick to my opinion that he is one of the greatest living conductors (if you can at all, listen to his recordings of the Brahms symphonies with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra). His latest recording project is tied in to the next big upcoming anniversary (the bicentenary of Wagner’s birth in 2013), and is an ambitious one — performing the ten major Wagner operas and recording the concert performances for Dutch label PentaTone, the first time this has been done with the same Orchestra, Choir and conductor. Maestro Janowski explains in this video interview his thinking about going for concert performances, and his main reason is his dissatisfaction with current opera productions in Germany.

The interview is longish (about 50 minutes), but some at least of you may find it worth persevering with.

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