Sunday breakfast music?

So, I was sort of puttering around my kitchen throwing together for breakfast some yummy scraps of foodstuffs I’d rescued from the fridge just in time to prevent their being condemned as too meager in proportion to be worth keeping and consigned to the garbage pail, when I heard the strains of what sounded vaguely like the opening movement of Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 5 waft in from the stereo speakers in the living room. I couldn’t be quite sure as kitchen noises obscured much of it, and I was only half listening in any case, but I stopped doing what I was doing for a few seconds just to have a more focused listen, and, yes, it was indeed what I thought it to be. Nice Sunday breakfast music, thought I, and went back to the business to hand.

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That’s the opening of a blog post from Sounds & Fury, a site I’ve referred to before. It’s from the pen of A.C. Douglas, whom I’ve already decsribed as ‘wonderfully opinionated’. He certainly lives up to that description in this instance. Please read to the end and savour the wonderful sting in the tail!

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