Refurbished Salle Pleyel opens its doors


There’s been quite a bit in various spots on the internet about this happening in Paris. Almost all of the articles I’ve read refer to the fact that Paris, alone among major European capitals, until now had been without a dedicated hall which could be used as base for its orchestras and for the staging of orchestral concerts. That is now gloriously at an end thanks to a four-year-long, €30 million refurbishment of the renowned Salle Pleyel (or read this article about the re-opening from the New York Times). The hall has been changed in many ways, not least of these being a radical reduction in the number of seats and the addition of side balconies, all of which is aimed at improving the formerly notorious acoustics. It’s good to have this fine old hall (which in the past played host to such illustrious names as Stravinsky, Ravel and Debussy) back in action after what looks like a great new makeover.

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