The fat lady slims

Guardian Unlimited Arts | Arts features | The fat lady slims
Yes, opera divas are often on the large side, but when the 25-stone soprano Deborah Voigt was sacked for being too fat, there was a furore. Now, after radical stomach surgery, the slimmed-down singer is taking on new roles. She talks for the first time to Charlotte Higgins about her extraordinary transformation

Quite apart from the inspired title, this article from the good old Guardian is well worth a read (I visit their web site so often that I’m almost tempted to buy the physical newspaper!).

I’d already read that Deborah Voigt was scheduled to re-appear in Covent Garden, back again after being sacked for being too fat, but this is the first time I’d got all the details of her fight against flab. ‘Radical’ is the word used in the article, but that almost sounds inadequate for the invasive surgery she opted for.

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