Eschenbach says Philadelphia Musicians hated him

Philadelphia Inquirer news article
At a closed rehearsal with the musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra, outgoing music director Christoph Eschenbach revealed that his decision to leave was sparked by a conversation with the orchestra’s CEO in which Eschenbach was told that “80 percent of the musicians did not agree with his artistic interpretations; that 80 percent of the musicians left concerts feeling great anger; and that the orchestra was a ‘ticking time bomb.'”

I wrote earlier about rumblings concerning Maestro Eschenbach, and these later came to a head with an announcement on 21st October that he is leaving the orchestra at the end of next season. There were mentions at that time of the difficulties which would be involved in finding a successor, and now comes this latest episode in the sorry saga.

How can an artistic relationship continue if feelings are running this high? Surely the wisest thing would be for Christoph to take his shaved head with him and leave gracefully at the first opportunity, perhaps even helping to find someone to step into the breach. Surely the Philadelphia Orchestra can find someone better than this guy, even if he/she isn’t in the big league. Frankly, from my experience, anyone would be better than this guy.

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