Carl Nielsen Anniversary Website

We all know that the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Carl Nielsen is one of the highlights of 2015’s musical year. We will be doing our bit to mark the occasion with our Nielsen Day on 6th June, and that’s by no means to be sneezed at.

But there are other people out there who are also doing their bit to do something special. Chief among these is this site which is a wonder to behold.

Carl Nielsen Anniversary Website

This quote from one of the contributors to the Friends of Radio Three forum sums it up nicely:

This is a model of how the internet can enhance one’s knowledge and understanding – especially if you scroll down and click on ‘Works’ when you can select, hear and follow the score of a host of his pieces.

Clicking on the Menu button reveals this extensive list of content, which gives some idea of the vast amount of information available. This site deserves a bookmark in anyone’s browser.

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