Joe Queenan’s A-Z of classical music

Can’t tell your Monteverdi from your Mantovani? Think allegro refers to your grandparents’ car? Joe Queenan is here to help, with his classical music primer.

This is more for a laugh than intended as a serious ‘primer’, but it’s still worth dipping into. It looks like Mr Q plans to work his way right through the alphabet. I came across this today, at which stage he’d reached I & J. I’ll keep the links updated as further material is published in The Guardian.

A is for Amadeus, B is for Beethoven
C is for Carmen, D is for Debussy
E is for English music, F is for Faur
G is for Goldberg, H is for hair
I is for Idiocy, J is for Janacek
K is for Kindertotenlieder, L is for Liszt
M is for Money, N is for Ninth
O is for Overtures, P is for Pavarotti
Q is for Quirkiness, R is for Rite of Spring
S is for Schoenberg, T is for Tchaikovsky
U is for Unfinished, V is for Verdi
W is for Wagner, X is for Xenakis
Y is for Youth, Z is for Die Zauberflüte

Update, 2nd February So, the list is complete. It took longer than I anticipated (it certainly wasn’t a weekly update), but there’s some interesting stuff in there.

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