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Autumn Fair: Swap & Buy/Sell, 23rd September

Also on the schedule sheet is info about the session in Bernard’s on 23rd September. For starters, we’re warned that the music will begin at 1.00 pm sharp. Then, we’re invited to bring along our unwanted or duplicate CDs and DVDs for swapping or selling. Bernard is setting aside the half hour between 2.30 and 3.00 pm for horse dealing, following which we’ll have the presentation as usual. I’m off now to check my shelves and that big pile of un-sorted recent purchases (‘recent’ as in up to a year ago!). I’m sure there’s something there which would find a better home.

Thanks for the initiative, Bernard.

Trevor does different

It’s on the schedule sheet, but I guess it won’t go amiss also mentioning it here. Trevor is hosting and presenting on 2nd September. What’s different about that is (a) the session starts at 4.00 pm rather than the usual 1.00, and (b) Trevor’s presentation is promised to be an ‘unusual’ one, and not merely because it’s going to be twice as long as usual. So, kickoff on 2nd September is at 4.00 pm, and Trevor’s presentation will be from 5.30 to 6.30 pm.

Update, 12th August:  Unfortunately, Trevor is unable to go ahead with his hosting/presenting on 2nd September, as he’ll be out of the country at that time. Perhaps some other time, Trev?

Theme day in the offing

Fergus is scheduled to host and present on 28th October. Because it’s the Halloween weekend, he’s decided that we should have a musical theme for the day, and his choice is Myth, Magic and the Macabre.

But that’s not all. Fergus also invites us all for Afternoon Tea after the session. Finally, Fergus (he has been busy, hasn’t he?) has decided that the session in his place on 28th October will begin later than usual, at 3.30 pm.

All this info is already on the Schedule page, and is also set out on Bernard’s handout sheet, but I thought it wise to repeat it here for the sake of completeness.

Update, 12th August:  Fergus sought the views of the group at today’s session about the timing of the Afternoon Tea. It was agreed that this will be served when the normal session ends. The usual refreshments will not be available on that day during the session itself.

Summer Concert programme

We did the draw for the Summer Concert presenters at the session on 8th July. Names out were Liam and David, with John as substitute. Liam subsequently indicated that he wouldn’t be available on the date, so John has taken his place. The concert programme will be in David’s place on 29th July. As usual, there is no need to bring along a CD, as David and John will have the floor for the entire session.

IMPORTANT UPDATE, 27th JULY:  Due to a misunderstanding, John is not now able to participate in the Summer Concert presentation. In his absence, and because of the short notice involved, David will run solo, and will alone decide the concert programme.