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Anticipation: Igor Levit’s new CD

First off, I can’t believe that I haven’t posted anything here since May. Perhaps I need to add stuff here rather than use emails.

Anyway, I have a definite reason for adding this post, because of the increasing excitement behind the release next month of Igor Levit’s new CD. Well, actually, it’s 3 CDs, each to contain a major work from the Variations repertory. In an inspired move, this brilliant young pianist has decided to couple the Goldberg, Diabelli and ‘People United’ Variations.

Igor Levit

‘People United?’, you ask. Yes, Frederic Rzewski’s monster work The People United Will Never Be Defeated! is well worthy of appearing in the same company as Bach and Beethoven. I’ve written about it here before (can it really be over five years ago?), and make no apologies for doing so again. In fact, I’ve recently added a sixth recording to my collection, and will soon add Igor Levit’s new recording as my seventh.

Just as with Rzewski, I’ve also mentioned Igor Levit before, though not here. I was blown away by his first recording (of late Beethoven piano sonatas) and raved about it either by email or at one of our sessions. I remember that Peadar was disappointed when he followed my advice and bought that CD, but I remain a firm fan (hint: you may see why when next I take a presentation slot), and would dearly love to hear him in the flesh.

My fandom is reinforced by an interview which he gave to Qobuz, one of my favourite download sites, during the making of the new release. He comes across as a lovely guy, full of youthful enthusiasm, as I hope you’ll agree when you see the interview.