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Met Opera putting audio and video online

The Metropolitan Opera plans to introduce an online service providing video and audio recordings of its operas. The service, Met Player, is scheduled to begin on Oct. 22. It will allow users to hear 120 audio recordings and watch 50 full-length operas collected from the Met’s archives, with more to be added in subsequent months. For a monthly subscription fee of $14.99 or an annual cost of $149.99, users will have access to the entire service. Individual videos and audio recordings can also be streamed for small fees. A preview of the service is available at metplayer.org/preview.

I’ve tested the preview and it looks pretty amazing, especially full-screen. You’ll need to install MetPlayer first, but this shouldn’t cause any headaches. I did find that it was happier with the Firefox browser than with Safari, which is the standard for the Mac. The actual preview consists of a six-minute video showing bits from several Met productions (some with the most amazing staging — watch out for Tan Dun’s The First Emperor!).