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Bayreuth succession decided

The favo[u]rites have won: Katharina Wagner and her half-sister Eva Wagner-Pasquier will replace their father Wolfgang as directors of the Bayreuth Festival. The choice ends a long fight over who should take over leadership of the festival.

The Bayreuth Festival board named Katharina Wagner and her half-sister Eva Wagner-Pasquier as new co-directors of the Bayreuth festival Monday. The decision will silence an extended quarrel over who should replace their aging father, Wolfgang Wagner, as head of the world-famous opera festival.

The quote is from an article in the international edition of Der Spiegel. So the last-minute alternative has lost out, and Katharina and Eva have got the nod. We’ll see how it pans out, I guess. Let’s just hope that Katharina doesn’t get the chance to come up with any more ridiculous productions to add to her nutty Meistersinger.