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This page opens with a listing for a randomly-generated Composer, chosen from those outside the list of 'Leaders' shown on the Presentations home page. This might give you some inspiration for a presentation you're planning. If you'd like to see a listing for a different composer, just refresh the page.

To distinguish between, for example, Richard Strauss and Johann Strauss, enter 'Strauss, Richard' in the search box (just entering 'Strauss' will find all the Strauss's). Either click on the brown button or hit Enter/Return when you've finished typing. You'll notice that the search text you enter appears along with the result count. In cases where your search returns no results, you should first check here to ensure that your spelling is correct.

Your random composer is Boris Tchaikovsky

Sinfonietta for String Orchestra (1953) : 18/04/09

Musica Viva Chamber Orchestra conducted by Alexander Rudin